What's For Sale at The Florence Pioneer Museum?

     Welcome to a new link on the Museum's website! This link is to let you know what we have for sale at the Museum!


     "From Trappers to Tourists: Fremont County from 1830-1950" by Rosemae Wells Campbell is a wonderful guide to Fremont County history  . The FPM is fortunate to have a flash drive that will find names in the book. It can tell you where a name is and how many times the name occurs in the book.  


     We have the book "King Coal" written by Antonette Cresto for sale for  $12.00 each plus shipping. Ms. Cresto was a schoolteacher in the coal camps of Rockvale, Coal Creek, Williamsburg, and Brewster. She describes the mining and living conditions of the miners and their families back in the day.



     The book "Boomtown"  was a synopsis of Florence founders and life written by the 8th grade class of 1981. Under the direction of Mr. Steve Morris, the Social Studies class researched and wrote short paragraphs of the time and lifestyle of early Florence. This paperback is for sale for $7.00 each plus shipping.


     Next comes "Mom's Good Cookin' Pioneer Recipes"  put together by Toni Price. The cookbook includes recipes such as Sour Dough bread, complete with how to make the sour dough starter and an Eggless-Butterless-Milkless Cake. The recipe book sells for $2.00 each plus shipping.


    " Fremont County Historical Maps" are for sale at $10.00 each with shipping. These wonderful maps have historical places drawn on the side of the map for easy reference.


     All books and maps can be bought at the Florence Pioneer Museum, 100 E. Front St. Florence CO 81226.




Below is a link to an order form. Run it off, fill it out, write a check for payment and send it to:

Florence Pioneer Museum

P.O. Box 131

Florence CO 81226


All checks made out to :

Florence Pioneer Museum


Proceeds from any book or map sales will go towards the Florence Pioneer Museum's Building fund.

Thank You.

These books and this map hold a lot of historical information about Florence and Fremont County. They are sure to pass your quite reading time quickly with interesting page turning information.
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