The Bill and Diana White                       Room

     The Florence Pioneer Museum and Research Center is very excited about our newly aquired building! Construction went from this... 


>> this! Welcome to the iconic Vezzetti's Grocery from Roclvale CO. Thanks to our local Florence artists, Ed Penner and Cathey Young, Fremont County residents can come in and reminisce about the great bread made and sold here.

The Bob Wood Buisness Center is dedicated to Robert "Bob" Wood retired editor of the Florence Citizen.

Your "Bricks for Bucks" at work. Come in and find your name on a "brick" you bought. 

This is a famous Wetmore quilt from the past. Every square has a woman's name embroidered on it who once belonged to a Wetmore Women's Club. We want to display the quilt but the museum needs help in creating a special frame to carefully show off the quilt. Come in and find out if you can help us on this project. 

Local rock hound, Frank Lovato, helped re-work the Museum's extensive rock collection. The 1935 geological map behind the display was framed by Cathey Young.Thanks to these two artists and their talents, the "Quarry Corner" is on display again!

Beautiful barnwood back drop donated by Eric Adamic and Marty Peek, was placed on the back wall by Dick Upton. Dick has created a wonderful Farm/Agriculture display with many farm implements that have been hidden away downstairs for many years. We now have the space to display these old time tools.

Mission Statement

To collect, preserve and interpret the rich historical heritage of
Florence Colorado, the surrounding mining
towns and eastern Fremont County.


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