Of Course, We Have The Horse! Name Contest

Who remembers this guy from the Florence Pioneer Museum?



Yes, it's the famous two legged horse many of you saw when you were younger. Well, he is part of our new Farm/Agriculture/Ranching display in the Bill and Diana White Room. And..he needs a name along with two new museum "pets" we have acquired in this display.

     The Museum is running a "Name the Horse" Contest.  Along with the two legged horse, these furry friends need names also. 

 This is a mule looking in the window at you on the ranch.

This is a kitty cat (a girl!) looking out the window at the ranch. She's ranch security.

On the link below, you can run off an information sheet to enter the "Of Course, We have the Horse" naming contest. The cost is $1.00 for each entry. If your suggestions for the museum "pets" are picked, there will be a plaque with your name and the name for the horse, mule or kitty cat placed in the museum for all time. 

    Send in those names, contest closes October 31. Good luck! 

"Of Course, We Have the Horse"
Entry sheet for the naming contest. Remember: $1.00 per entry! Deadline for all entries is October 31st.
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